Sonntag, 1. Juli 2007

Mytee G. Poetic !!!

Straight outta New Jersey comes this dope artist who goes by the name of Mytee G. Poetic !!!

This one right here is his debut 12" titled "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" from 1994 on Straight G'n Records which is produced by Na'fis Majid & Kool Ass Pat for Brand X Production and is featuring 2 pretty dope tracks titled "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" & "Listen To The Lyrics" !!!

Mytee G. Poetic released another 12" 2 years later titled "Discovery Zone" which doesn´t hit my taste that much anymore !!!

Anyway, the "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" 12" is def. a nice piece of plastic which is always worth to look out for !!!

ATTENTION: There are 2 different versions of the "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" 12" floating around which have different tracks on the B side (one with "Listen To The Lyrics" & one with "Brick City Blue´z") so if you´re looking for the one with "Listen To The Lyrics" on it you have to make sure that the version you´re buying is not the promo version which does have an Acapella of "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" on it as well which isn´t featured on the one with "Listen To The Lyrics" !!!

Check out a sample of "Listen To The Lyrics":