Montag, 25. April 2011

LPSD !!!

Back atcha with the realness and a totally slept on group outta San Diego which goes by the name of LPSD (Lyrical Prophets Strictly Dope) !!!

Some of you will know LPSD because of the thankfully done reissue of "Back Atcha" on Armory Records !!!

Well, before Armory Records did a reissue of "Back Atcha" in 2004, this was a test press only 12" released in 1995 on Angel Trax Records !!!

Ok, i bet most of you will say if this is available as a good sounding, legit reissue, why the hell should i be look out for this very hard to find test pressing !?

The answer is because of the absolutely insane b side track titled "Insane Nigga" which can only be found on this test pressing right here !!!

I remember the first time i heard "Insane Nigga" i was totally blown away and knew i had to get this freaking beast of a test pressing which was without a doubt one of the hardest records to find ever !!!

I´m not sure how many copies were pressed back in 1995, but i could bet that there can´t be more than 100 (if not less) !!!

I hope you guys enjoy the snippet and keep looking for that dope stuff !!!

Check out a sample of "Insane Nigga":