Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008

Missing Link !!!

Aight peeps, it´s time again for another Various Artists EP outta Brooklyn NYC !!!

This one right here is the Missing Link EP from 1996 on Slam`n Tracks Production !!!

The EP features 8 different tracks from 4 different groups titled Pipers Of Zion "Sparks", Kulture "Money Don´t Make Me", Pipers Of Zion "We Come To Claim", Red 1 A.C.C. "It´s On Me", Pipers, Kulture, Red, Darkness "The Game", Darkness Featuring K Sweetness "Once A Bad Boy", Red 1 A.C.C. "My People" & Kulture "Letter To My Brother" !!!

All tracks are produced by Bill McCune !!!

It´s hard to name a favourite track from this EP cause there are a few more tracks from Red 1 A.C.C. & Pipers Of Zion on it which are fire and make this EP a def. must have for all the 90´s indy heads out there !!!

Check out a sample of Red 1 A.C.C. "My People":


Check out a sample of Pipers Of Zion "Sparks":