Samstag, 26. September 2009

AMP Boogie !!!

Very nice Sparrow affiliated Baltimore rap EP by AMP Boogie right here !!!

This one called the "Gotta Git On" EP really slipped under the radar after the Sparrow "Physics" 12" was released in 1995 but is also a very dope record to own !!!

The EP was released in 1994 on Porch Dog Productions / Papa Bear Entertainment, is produced by Dj Booman for Porch Dog Productions and contains 4 dope tracks in total titled "Bluntly Speaking", "Out There", "Wanna Battle?" & "Maintain" !!!

Check out a sample of "Bluntly Speaking":


Check out a sample of "Maintain":


Samstag, 19. September 2009

I-Power !!!

If you checked my mixes and heard "Transmittin' Straight From The Other Side Pt. 3" then you already heard the main title "Under Da Sun" from this NYC based group I-Power debut 12" right here !!!

But it´s not only "Under Da Sun" what makes this 12" the complete banger it is, there are 3 dope tracks in total on this 12" titled "Under Da Sun", "The Madness" & "The Breakthrough" (and trust me, all of them are pure heat) !!!

The 12" was released in 1997 on Napom Bomb Revolution Inc. and is completely produced by Dj Mo Fonk (a.k.a. Dj Mo Funk a.k.a. Melodious Fonk) !!!

They only pressed up 200 pieces of this dope 12" ever, so it´s nothing you could come by on a daily basis, but it´s def. worth hunting for !!!

Check out a sample of "The Madness":