Samstag, 1. August 2009

Sandinistas !!!

Another great release outta Brooklyn NYC which ain´t got enough attention at the time when it dropped from a group called Sandinistas !!!

This one right here is their debut and to my knowledge only 12" Sandinistas dropped titled "Madd Luv" !!!

The 12" was released in 1997 on Cartel Imperial Recordings, produced by Cartel Imperial Productions and is featuring 3 dope tracks in total titled "Madd Luv", Madd Luv C-12 Laboratories RMX" & "Higher" (all with full instrumentals too btw) !!!

Each track on this 12" is a winner and for those of you who don´t know by now, C-12 Laboratories who did the "Madd Luv RMX" is nothing else but another alias of the great Carlos Bess who also produced the mad dope One Deep "Crime Stories" 12" i posted some months ago !!!

Check out a sample of "Madd Luv C-12 Laboratories RMX":


Check out a sample of "Higher":