Sonntag, 25. März 2012

Nightbreed !!!

What we have right here is something for the true Natural Elements heads, Nightbreed !!!

Nightbreed was founded by none else but one of the original early Natural Elements group members KA after he left the group !!!

To be true, KA was always one of my favourite members of the original Natural Elements in the early 90s so it was a no brainer to cop this debut 12" by KA & Kev aka Nightbreed titled "2 Roads Out The Ghetto" !!!

The 12" was released in 1998 on Fortress Records, produced by Charlemagne and is featuring 3 dope tracks titled "2 Roads Out The Ghetto", "Long Time Coming" & "Ruckus" !!!

There are some very hot demos around which were played by Stretch & Bobbito back in the days which hopefully will se a quality wax treatment anytime in the near future !!!

Check out a sample of "2 Roads Out The Ghetto":