Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Wreckin' Shit !!!

Mixtape time, this time the mix i´m posting really was available as a tape and not a digital file only !!!

This Mixtape right here was my first solo Mixtape i put out ever (well, the tapes i recorded live for friends in the mid 90´s while practice don´t count, seriously) when i still was playing out on the regular and was running with my old turntablism crew Unique Techniques from 1998-2003 !!!

Some of you may know this tape from other sites, but i decided to put it on my Blog as well cause i still feel this tape years and years after i put it out and think it has to be a part of my Blog as well !!!

For those of you who don´t know this one, i hope you enjoy the listen and please feel free to drop a comment !!!

Check out Bibow "Wreckin' Shit" Side A right here:


Check out Bibow "Wreckin' Shit" Side B right here: