Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Finsta Baby !!!

Many of you will think that Finsta of Fista Bundy isn´t a slept on Artist and know his classic work because of the classic Dj Premier New York Reality Check 101 mix, but like the Mister Voodoo 12" i posted 2 years ago, this one is a jewel not everyone will know about (yes, there are other people in the real world beside such record nerds like me and you) !!!

Released in 1992 on Cracd Records this lovely gem is featuring 2 sterling tracks titled "Finsta Baby" & "Payday Is Bliss" which btw are completely produced by no other than the incredible Beatminerz and predates the ultimate classic Black Moon "Enta Da Stage" album !!!

It´s such a shame that Finsta Bundy only released a few independent 12"s which all can be titled as classics for sure and never dropped an whole album so far (by now) !!!

Anyway, this one is a true jewel for da crates and you should def. watch out for a copy of it !!!

Check out a sample of "Finsta Baby":