Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

N.Y. Confidential !!!

Next record up in this place is also a very dope EP which dropped in 1998, this time outta NYC by a group called N.Y. Confidential !!!

This EP right here is the perfect listening for the cold snowy weather we have outside at the moment !!!

Brilliant 5 tracker released on Guillotine Records NYC which totally produced by E. Knight and features the titles "Why?", "Rumors Of War", "Backstabbed", "Anger Consumes" & "Me & You" !!!

There´s also another 12" out by N.Y. Confidential which got released in 2000 on Guilotine Records as well, but to me it´s all about their debut EP right here !!!

Check out a sample of "Why?":


Check out a sample of "Rumors Of War":


Check out a sample of "Anger Consumes":