Sonntag, 9. September 2007

The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins !!!

This month i´m presenting you an N Y underground monster EP outta the Bronx titled The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins Vol. 1 !!!

This EP right here is featuring 4 dope tracks by 4 different Artists titled Props "Props (Bring It On)", Pashun 'n' Da Loonatik "Lyrical High", 3rd Degree "Many Styles" & B Supa
"Destined" !!!

All 4 tracks are hot as hell but Props "Props (Bring It On)" is def. the winner !!!

This record was released in 1995 on Skunk Entertainment and all tracks are produced by E-Man for Skunk Entertainment !!!

Very dope EP and def. one of the nicest Independent Hip Hop releases of the 90´s !!!

Check out a sample of Props "Props (Bring It On)":