Sonntag, 9. September 2007

The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins !!!

This month i´m presenting you an N Y underground monster EP outta the Bronx titled The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins Vol. 1 !!!

This EP right here is featuring 4 dope tracks by 4 different Artists titled Props "Props (Bring It On)", Pashun 'n' Da Loonatik "Lyrical High", 3rd Degree "Many Styles" & B Supa
"Destined" !!!

All 4 tracks are hot as hell but Props "Props (Bring It On)" is def. the winner !!!

This record was released in 1995 on Skunk Entertainment and all tracks are produced by E-Man for Skunk Entertainment !!!

Very dope EP and def. one of the nicest Independent Hip Hop releases of the 90´s !!!

Check out a sample of Props "Props (Bring It On)":



Isako hat gesagt…

Why are you puting only snippet songs ? Why not a full songs ?
I don't understand it bro...

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

That´s because i don´t want to let everybody download the full songs/records just to put on their ipod or use it for serato !!!
It took me a while to find some of these records and i was really after them !!!
I think that these records are pretty dope and because they were poor distributed at the time of release not too many people know about them !!!
So i´m going to show you some snippets of some tracks i like to give you more apetite to track the records down for yourself !!!
If you feel like you want to hear some more from a record, please go and look for the record you like and add it to your own crates, cause that is what this site should all about !!!

lordquaz hat gesagt…

Very Very Doper update, i love this one, is there any chance that you trade this one??
Peace & Respect

KRISTHEGREEK hat gesagt…

Dope record. Any clue how much this usually sells for?

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

Hard question !!!
A record is only worth what another person is willing to pay for it !!!
It sold for 400+ on ebay in the past, but everyone here knows that ebay is crazy nowadays !!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I got a MINT copy for trade.


Kwote hat gesagt…

This is a dope record. Bring It On is dope, but theres something about that B Supa joint that has me hooked, good to kick back 2, very laid back. Might have to spin this record right now my friend!!!!!!!!! Props to Top-Notch-Records great blog bro!

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

Glad you like the Blog Kwote !!!
Bibow (TNR)