Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Frankenstein !!!

Alright, you may wonder why the hell is he posting a picture of a Peanut Butter Wolf test pressing when the headline clearly states that this post is about Torontos very own Frankenstein !!!

Well, it´s simple because Frankenstein (who is most probably known to you) is not only a very talented MC, he´s also a even more talented producer who did a lot of dope remixes and a very dope one for Peanut Butter Wolf "Run The Line RMX" 12" too (which is most probably not known to everyone) !!!

It´s no secret that Peanut Butter Wolf brought you some of the dopest underground 12"s in the mid to late 90s, in fact he did one of the best late 90s underground rap 12"s when he put out "Run The Line" featuring Rasco and "Undercover" featuring Encore on the flip !!!

While the "Run The Line" 12" got a official release through Stones Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf was working on a extremly dope follow up remix 12" featuring a mad nice remix of "Run The Line" by DITCs very own Lord Finesse as well as a remix by Mark The 45 King and put a monster remix of Encore "The Undercover" by Frankenstein on the flip !!!

Sadly only a few test pressings were made (i heard there are only 25 copies in existance similar to the Rass Kass "Jack Frost" test pressing) and the record never got a official release (due to sample clearance) through Stones Throw Records !!!

There was a picture cover available for the 12" in different colors than the original version which ended up with a sticker reading "This Is NOT A Remix" which was put over the Remix printed on the cover which is featuring the catalog number STH-2010 of this test pressing !!!

There later was a Japanese pressing of "Run The Line RMX" by Lord Finesse on Copasetik Recordings, but sadly the dope Frankenstein Remix of "The Undercover" was missing on this one !!!

Anyway, this one is easily the rarest record put out by Stones Throw Records ever and it´s also a incredibly dope one to get for the Frankenstein heads out there !!!

Check out a sample of Peanut Butter Wolf Feat. Encore "The Undercover Frankenstein RMX":