Samstag, 18. September 2010

Unfinished Project !!!

Do you guys know the feeling of going on a long way to work and can´t listen to the same tracks on your way day by day again ?

Well, i was at that point not long ago and took the time to see what kind of stuff i´ve got left to listen to on my way to work i´m not tired off !!!

It happened that i found a mix i was working on in the early 2000s somewhere after i did my "Wreckin' Shit" mixtape (for those of you who know) but sadly seems like i lost the multitracks for that one (sadly) !!!

I gave it a try and thought it pretty much fits to the sound i´m doing right now under Top-Notch-Productions (mainly 90´s independent Hip Hop) !!!

Now i had to decide, delete this mix because of the unmastered sound and the fact i misplaced the multitracks to finish or upload it for you guy to listen to it as well !?

So here you go guys, this was planned to be the next mixtape after my "Wreckin' Shit" tape and was planned to be released under the name "Mr. Morbid" !!!

Like i mentioned before the sound isn´t mastered properly but i think the mix does have it´s moments and pretty much fits into my recent sound scheme !!!

Hope you enjoy the unfinished Bibow "Mr. Morbid" mix: