Sonntag, 8. März 2009

Ready Ta Roll !!!

Time for another record by a group outta New Jersey who dropped 2 bombs in the early to mid 90´s and goes by the name of Ready Ta Roll !!!

Ready Ta Roll had an amazing debut 12" in 1993 titled "The Real Hip Hop" which is def. one of my favourite independent Hip Hop 12"s from that era and made a nice follow up 12" one year later with this also incredibly dope banger titled "Drug Game" !!!

The record was released on Pep Records / Chanpen Entertainment (2 different versions with different label design exist) and is featuring 2 strong tracks titled "Drug Game" & "Taste The Flavor" !!!

It´s a shame that there was never a full album out by that group cause every track they put out on wax is a winner !!!

Check out a sample of "Drug Game":