Montag, 1. Oktober 2007

Nodyaheadtodis !!!

While i´m on the EP tip, i´m going to post about another incredibly hot independent EP outta NYC !!!

This time it´s outta Brooklyn and titled Nodyaheadtodis Vol. 1 !!!

The EP was released in 1996 on Discreet Records and features 6 tracks from 6 different groups outta NY titled The Answering Machine "Who´s Calling?", Son A Bluntz "Don´t Snooze", Rodan "Rockabye", Darcside "Moneycide", VA "Dem Dead" & Dre Black "Better With Time" !!!

Beside "Dem Dead" all of the tracks featured on this EP are dope and for the most peeps out there it´s all about the Darcyde and Rodan appearances but trust me, the Son A Bluntz "Don´t Snooze" & the Dre Black "Better With Time" are def. the main reason to get this EP !!!

There is also a Nodyaheadtodis Vol. 2 on Discreet Records which is pretty ok, but for the most peeps it´s all about Vol. 1 !!!

Check out a sample of Son A Bluntz "Don´t Snooze":


Check out a sample of "Dre Black "Better With Time":