Freitag, 9. November 2007

Bronx Criminal County !!!

Heavyweight release outta the Bronx by a group called DNA !!!

This 12" contains 3 dope tracks titled "Bronx Criminal County", "My Shit Iz Tight" and the to the most people unknown but def. bomb track "2 Ounces & A Dream" !!!

The 12" dropped in 1996 on Redzone Recordings and is produced by Garth "Dread" Mitchell, D. Gray, N. Tillman & M. Marcelle !!!

ATTENTION: I´ve seen on some want lists that there are some peeps out there looking for a version of the "Bronx Criminal County" 12" thinking the 3rd track on this 12" is titled "Nowhere To Run" and not "2 Ounces & A Dream", but this is a complete misunderstanding because of another group outta NYC called DNA Disciples which released a 12" titled "Nowhere To Run" / "Agony Of Defeat" arround the same time !!!

Check out a sample of "2 Ounces & A Dream":