Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya !!!

Just when you thought that you´re turns out that you´re dead wrong !!!

That happened to me when i found my copy of the DNA "Bronx Criminal County" 12" some years ago and thought i would own the DNA Grail now...little did i knew that DNA had a crew long before "Bronx Criminal County" called Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya !!!

The first time i heard / heard about the Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya i knew i have to get this on wax cause it´s mad dope to the fullest and thanks to Ed Catto (who schooled me about this one) i was able to get my hands on a copy finally !!!

I´m in contact with Devon of DNA since a while now, but it turned out that even Devon himself doesn´t own a copy of this anymore (even Ed has only found 2 copies within all his years of diggin' in NYC) !!!

I can´t tell you exactly how rare this record is or how many copies were pressed of it, but thanks to Devon i´m able to give you a bit background info on how everything started with DNA back then !!!

The Crew started up in the very early 90´s managed by Traedonya Jones (of X-Clan fame) !!!

There was 4 members first which are Bubz, One D (Devon), Nasty Noah (Noah) and a tight female MC called Shorty Moe !!!

One D, Noah and Bubz used to grow up in the same hood (Boston Road in the Bronx) and it was later on that they were managed by C.L. Smooth (who is also featured on this EP) cousin Adolfo who knew a Dj named Robby Rob and they teamed up !!!

It was 1991-1993 when they only used to rap a bit 'round the Block, but 1993 they started to go to Da Cave (Garth Mitchells Studio) a lot and they started to record stuff !!!

This EP right here was released in 1994, put out by Adolfo on North Pole Records and is featuring 4 dope tracks in total titled "How You Look", "Hear No Evil Speak No Evil", "The Blue Print" & "The Bad Seed" !!!

All of you who read my DNA "Bronx Criminal County" post a few years back (or know this record from somewhere else) know how dope this record is, but truts me, this release right here is the dopest stuff i´ve heard since i discovered The Legendary Villain 12" a few years ago !!!

Check out a sample of "How You Look":


Check out a sample of "Hear No Evil Speak No Evil":


Check out a sample of "The Blue Print":


Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009

Sparrow !!!

Heavy Baltimore rap banger by a group called Sparrow !!!

This record right here is their debut 12" from 1995 titled "Physics" and is a true jewel for every crate !!!

While the main title "Physics" is a pretty dope & solid track, my main focus is more about the flip side which is featuring a very strong & in my opinion much better track titled "Rhyme Impotence" !!!

The 12" was released on Unruly Records, produced by Sparrow themself and is featuring 3 dope tracks in total titled "Physics", "Physics RMX" & the already mentioned highlight "Rhyme Impotence" !!!

If you´re ever able to get your hands on a copy of this, you better grab it while you can !!!

Sparrow released a few more records after this, but to me it´s all about this one !!!

Check out a sample of "Rhmye Impotence":