Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Da Minds Of Sol !!!

Incredibly dope independent rap shit outta Philly by a group called Da Minds Of Sol !!!

Pretty tough to come by and even after finding Haak Filmore it doesn´t seemed to be easier as he wanted some serious cash for his last spares too !!!

The first time i heard this 12" right here was in the winter months and it had that dark, melancolic vibe to it which is some kind of unique with Da Minds Of Sol production style !!!

Also, "From The Forthcoming Album Suffa Da Consequenses" written on the labels as well as Black Thought of The Roots backing up the vocals caused some serious discussions to the underground vinyl community !!!

Does this album really exist on vinyl ?

Is this a demo cassette only release ?

After Da Minds Of Sol were located and it was clear that "Suffa Da Consequences" was never released on any format it was clear that this needs to be done in any way possible !!!

Hope was there when youtube videos popped up with Da Minds Of Sol talking about their group, the unreleased Album and Haak Filmore put up some photos of Da Minds Of Sol Anniversary Edition T-Shirts via his Myspace page...but still, nothing happened (yet) !!!

Anyway, this 12" right here released in 1997 on 5th Dinasty Records, produced by Ill Prodc with the titles "Blinded By Da Light" & "Holocaust Pt. II" is the only official release they put out (if you don´t count their youtube upload of "Guaranteed Raw" as a release) !!!

Pure dopeness all the way through if you ask me and a real bitch to find !!!

Check out a sample of "Blinded By Da Light":


Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

Total Chaos !!!

Absolute incredible underground rap heater outta NYC by a group called Total Chaos !!!

As you know 1993 was a very good year for underground Hip Hop and a lot of brilliant independent releases such as Sons Of Sam, Lord Aaqil, Massive Ring etc. have been released and this one right here is straight up the same alley !!!

The 12" was released on Urban Soul Records, produced by Chris "The Black Poet" Wilson and is featuring 2 incredibly dope tracks titled "Whoz Got Da Myk" & "Cum & Get Sum" !!!

Very though to find piece of wax, so you better keep your eyes open !!!

Check ot a sample of "Whoz Got Da Myk":


Sonntag, 25. März 2012

Nightbreed !!!

What we have right here is something for the true Natural Elements heads, Nightbreed !!!

Nightbreed was founded by none else but one of the original early Natural Elements group members KA after he left the group !!!

To be true, KA was always one of my favourite members of the original Natural Elements in the early 90s so it was a no brainer to cop this debut 12" by KA & Kev aka Nightbreed titled "2 Roads Out The Ghetto" !!!

The 12" was released in 1998 on Fortress Records, produced by Charlemagne and is featuring 3 dope tracks titled "2 Roads Out The Ghetto", "Long Time Coming" & "Ruckus" !!!

There are some very hot demos around which were played by Stretch & Bobbito back in the days which hopefully will se a quality wax treatment anytime in the near future !!!

Check out a sample of "2 Roads Out The Ghetto":


Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

N.Y. Confidential !!!

Next record up in this place is also a very dope EP which dropped in 1998, this time outta NYC by a group called N.Y. Confidential !!!

This EP right here is the perfect listening for the cold snowy weather we have outside at the moment !!!

Brilliant 5 tracker released on Guillotine Records NYC which totally produced by E. Knight and features the titles "Why?", "Rumors Of War", "Backstabbed", "Anger Consumes" & "Me & You" !!!

There´s also another 12" out by N.Y. Confidential which got released in 2000 on Guilotine Records as well, but to me it´s all about their debut EP right here !!!

Check out a sample of "Why?":


Check out a sample of "Rumors Of War":


Check out a sample of "Anger Consumes":


Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Mr Ruckuz !!!

Mad nice solo debut EP from Baltimores very own Mr Ruckuz !!!

There aren´t many rap records out there which were released in 1998 or later that are straight up my alley, but this one right here is one big exception !!!

If you´re a true 90s head, you get everything you wanna hear, Jay Funk Productions at it´s best, Mr Ruckuz spittin verses at his best and last but not least some nice chrous scratching with some of your favourites lines !!!

There are 6 tracks on this EP titled "The Resurrection", "Chump Change", "Underground Anthem", "Senselezz Murderz", "She Was 19" & "Hung Jury" !!!

I could tell you a lot about how dope this record is, but to cut a long story short, this solo debut EP by Mr Ruckus titled "The Verdict", released on Madd Versatile Records in 1998 is the shit that you need to get !!!

Not an easy find, but def. worth it !!!

Check out a sample of "Senselzz Murderz":


Check out a sample of "Underground Anthem":