Sonntag, 1. August 2010

Bound E! Hunters !!!

Today we have a mad nice piece of plastic outta NYC by a group called Bound E! Hunters !!!

This 12" right here got me bugged out several times cause it was a real pain in the ass to get my hands on a copy (and was without a doubt one of my biggest wants) !!!

The Bound E! Hunters consist of the members Con Rock Hard, Pay Juan & Cypher Born (who joined the group after this 12" right here) !!!

They (sadly) only put out this 12" right here which is totally loaded and packed with dope shit to the fullest including some straight butta flowing lyrics over some absolute Top Notch productions !!!

There are 3 tracks in total on this killer 12" titled "Breakitdown", "Whatz-Happinin" & "Da Hunters" which are all absolutely off the hook !!!

The 12" was released in 1994 on Bleecker Street Records and is produced by Con Rock Hard !!!

If you´re ever be able to find a copy of this killer 12" right here anywhere i suggest you should better grab it while you can !!!

Check out a sample of "Da Hunters":


Check out a sample of "Whatz-Happinin":


Check out a sample of "Breakitdown":