Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Underachieva´z !!!

Alright, this is one of those records you put on your turntable and the first thing you think is fuck, this shit is awesome !!!

The same time you´ll also think that "It Seems Kinda Strange" that these guys never had a breakthrough !!!

The problem isn´t that they never recorded a whole album of dope material to release (in fact they did), the problem is that nobody seem to recognize them back in the day !!!

The record i´m talking about right now is by a group outta Washington D.C. which goes by the name of Underachieva´z !!!

I´ve always been a huge fan of the sound Da Bush Babees had back in the 90s and i really enjoyed both albums they did to the fullest because it´s simply quality material from start to finish !!!

You may wonder why i´m talking about Da Bush Babees right now, well, it´s simple because the first time i heard this record right here i was kicked back to the time when i heard Da Bush Babees for the very first time !!!

This record right here which was only available as a test pressing was givin away for demo shopping and promoting purposes in 1996 and is featuring 2 absolutely dope tracks in total titled "D.C. Rocks" & "Ya Betta Believe" !!!

While the A Side "D.C. Rocks" comes through with a heavy bass line and some rougher vibe, the B Side "Ya Betta Believe" comes a bit more smooth with some kind of Brooklyn-Jamaican vibe to it similar to Da Bush Babees back then !!!

There also was a cassette out by the Underachieva´z back in 1996 which is featuring 6 tracks of their unreleased album "It Seems Kinda Strange", but sadly this test pressing right here is the only wax they put out !!!

It´s def. not that type of record you´ll come across in a record store or something like that because there can´t be many around of this test pressing (i wouldn´t wonder if only a hand full exist), but it´s def. worth looking for and if you ever get the chance to buy a copy of it you better grab it while you can !!!

Anyway, this 12" right here is def. one of the best and most slept on Hip Hop records which is out there from the 90s and the whole package is absolutely Top Notch !!!

Check out a sample of "D.C. Rocks":


Check out a sample of "Ya Betta Believe":