Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Lord Aaqil !!!

Alright, time for one of my favourite slept on Hip Hop 12"s of the early 90s by a guy outta Philly who goes by the name of Lord Aaqil !!!

This 12" right here titled "Check It Out" is easily one of the best independent Hip Hop 12"s that got put out in 93 and i would have absolutely no problem with naming it with 12"s like Sons Of Sam "Oooh He Got An Afro" & Massive Ring "Middle East" in one breath !!!

In fact, if this material would have been released on a major label back then it would be in line with all the big hitters like Main Source, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth or Showbiz & A.G., Diamond D etc. !!!

The 12" contains 5 tracks in total titled "Check It Out", "Kick It Like Dis", "Kid, What´s Ya Name", "Kick It Like Dis RMX" & "Kamillah Story" !!!

All of the tracks are dope, but "Kid, What´s Ya Name" & "Kick It Like Dis" are the stand out tracks !!!

Not an easy 12" to find and always seem to fetch a big amount of money on auctions but trust me, it´s worth it !!!

Check out a sample of "Kid, What´s Ya Name":


Check out a sample of "Kick It Like Dis":


Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Frankenstein !!!

Alright, you may wonder why the hell is he posting a picture of a Peanut Butter Wolf test pressing when the headline clearly states that this post is about Torontos very own Frankenstein !!!

Well, it´s simple because Frankenstein (who is most probably known to you) is not only a very talented MC, he´s also a even more talented producer who did a lot of dope remixes and a very dope one for Peanut Butter Wolf "Run The Line RMX" 12" too (which is most probably not known to everyone) !!!

It´s no secret that Peanut Butter Wolf brought you some of the dopest underground 12"s in the mid to late 90s, in fact he did one of the best late 90s underground rap 12"s when he put out "Run The Line" featuring Rasco and "Undercover" featuring Encore on the flip !!!

While the "Run The Line" 12" got a official release through Stones Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf was working on a extremly dope follow up remix 12" featuring a mad nice remix of "Run The Line" by DITCs very own Lord Finesse as well as a remix by Mark The 45 King and put a monster remix of Encore "The Undercover" by Frankenstein on the flip !!!

Sadly only a few test pressings were made (i heard there are only 25 copies in existance similar to the Rass Kass "Jack Frost" test pressing) and the record never got a official release (due to sample clearance) through Stones Throw Records !!!

There was a picture cover available for the 12" in different colors than the original version which ended up with a sticker reading "This Is NOT A Remix" which was put over the Remix printed on the cover which is featuring the catalog number STH-2010 of this test pressing !!!

There later was a Japanese pressing of "Run The Line RMX" by Lord Finesse on Copasetik Recordings, but sadly the dope Frankenstein Remix of "The Undercover" was missing on this one !!!

Anyway, this one is easily the rarest record put out by Stones Throw Records ever and it´s also a incredibly dope one to get for the Frankenstein heads out there !!!

Check out a sample of Peanut Butter Wolf Feat. Encore "The Undercover Frankenstein RMX":


Freitag, 26. August 2011

Unsigned Artists !!!

Back once again with another dope various artist EP outta NYC which goes by the name of Unsigned Artists EP !!!

Like the Nodyaheadtodis Vol. 1 EP i posted 4 years ago this one right here is a true want list killer on most of the mid 90s independent Hip Hop collectors out there (for a good reason) !!!

This record is not only extremely dope, it´s also extremely hard to find !!!

Anyway, the reason to get your hands on a copy of this Unsigned Artists EP for most peeps out there is def. the track "Bullet For A Bullet" by War Click !!!

It´s not the only dope track, but it´s def. one of the hottest joints from a pretty unknown group which is highly slept on and never had a real deal to release their music through a wider audience !!!

There are 7 tracks in total on this EP which are performed / titled by War Click "Bullet For A Bullet", Slasher "Cutthroat Island", Open Mic & L.D. "Co-Defendant", Baby Sharks "Legacy Of Pain", Angels Wit Dirty Faces "Angel´s Cipher", Nut & Slick Love "Nutta Butta Baby" & Kim Jackson & Slick Love "Mak'Em Feel It" !!!

The EP was released in 1996 as a promotional wax only and executively produced by Slick Love, Peter Rueben, Fritz Jean & Charlie Plange !!!

If you ever get the chance to getyour hands on a copy, you better grab it while you can !!!

Check out a sample of War Click "Bullet For A Bullet":


Check out a sample of Slasher "Cutthroat Island":


Check out a sample of Baby Sharks "Legacy Of Pain":


Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Underachieva´z !!!

Alright, this is one of those records you put on your turntable and the first thing you think is fuck, this shit is awesome !!!

The same time you´ll also think that "It Seems Kinda Strange" that these guys never had a breakthrough !!!

The problem isn´t that they never recorded a whole album of dope material to release (in fact they did), the problem is that nobody seem to recognize them back in the day !!!

The record i´m talking about right now is by a group outta Washington D.C. which goes by the name of Underachieva´z !!!

I´ve always been a huge fan of the sound Da Bush Babees had back in the 90s and i really enjoyed both albums they did to the fullest because it´s simply quality material from start to finish !!!

You may wonder why i´m talking about Da Bush Babees right now, well, it´s simple because the first time i heard this record right here i was kicked back to the time when i heard Da Bush Babees for the very first time !!!

This record right here which was only available as a test pressing was givin away for demo shopping and promoting purposes in 1996 and is featuring 2 absolutely dope tracks in total titled "D.C. Rocks" & "Ya Betta Believe" !!!

While the A Side "D.C. Rocks" comes through with a heavy bass line and some rougher vibe, the B Side "Ya Betta Believe" comes a bit more smooth with some kind of Brooklyn-Jamaican vibe to it similar to Da Bush Babees back then !!!

There also was a cassette out by the Underachieva´z back in 1996 which is featuring 6 tracks of their unreleased album "It Seems Kinda Strange", but sadly this test pressing right here is the only wax they put out !!!

It´s def. not that type of record you´ll come across in a record store or something like that because there can´t be many around of this test pressing (i wouldn´t wonder if only a hand full exist), but it´s def. worth looking for and if you ever get the chance to buy a copy of it you better grab it while you can !!!

Anyway, this 12" right here is def. one of the best and most slept on Hip Hop records which is out there from the 90s and the whole package is absolutely Top Notch !!!

Check out a sample of "D.C. Rocks":


Check out a sample of "Ya Betta Believe":


Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Aiello Wilson !!!

Sterling (official) debut 12" by none else but North Bronx Alliance very own Aiello Wilson outta the Bronx NYC !!!

As part of the North Bronx Alliance, Aiello recorded another 12" before this record right here which was (sadly) only available as a Test Pressing and
got reviewed on my Blog over 2 1/2 years ago already (if you like to check out as well) !!!

Nevertheless the North Bronx Alliance 12" got shelved, Aiello managed to drop this absolutely dope official debut 12" right here titled "Black Soil" on Chase Records in 1997 (which is featuring the North Bronx Alliance and was produced by Rob Dinero too btw) and pressed up a small batch of 300 copies !!!

Like i mentioned in the North Bronx Alliance post already, Aiello became pretty close beeing signed with Rawkus Records back in 1997, but sadly this never happened !!!

Last thing i heard from Aiello is that he´s trying to press up some wax of the previously unreleased demos Stretch & Bobbito played back in the 90s !!!

Hope you dig what you hear and keep looking for that dope stuff !!!

Check out a sample of "Black Soil":


Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Reckanize & Mr. Sta Puff !!!

Incredibly dope debut release by Reckanize & Mr. Sta Puff outta Brooklyn NYC !!!

Not much info about those guys beside that they released this incredible 12" titled "Hip Hop Don´t Stop" in 1996 on Bedroom Beats which is produced by 7th Sunn, G-Clef & Pedro Sime !!!

2 dope joints on this one right here titled "Hip Hop Don´t Stop" & "Massive Weight" which is featuring BAC, Strippoker & Tequila !!!

Check out a sample of "Hip Hop Don´t Stop":


Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Kapone !!!

Mad nice debut 12" right here by NYCs very own Kapone which got him signed a deal with Penalty Records only to release another 12" and get lost in the archive afterwards !!!

I never understood why Penalty Records only released one 12" by Kapone and not a whole album but the fact they never did makes this debut record right here another case of a dope, slept on artist which never got the shine he deserves !!!

The debut 12" right here titles "Who´s Blowing Up Far Rockaway Queens" was released in 1994 on Project Sound, produced by Koors and is featuring 3 dope tracks in total titled "Who´s Blowing Up Far Rockaway Queens", "Never Slumber" & "In The Mix" which is featuring another artist named Fags !!!

Check out a sample of "Who´s Blowing Up Far Rockaway Queens":


Check out a sample of "In The Mix":


Montag, 25. April 2011

LPSD !!!

Back atcha with the realness and a totally slept on group outta San Diego which goes by the name of LPSD (Lyrical Prophets Strictly Dope) !!!

Some of you will know LPSD because of the thankfully done reissue of "Back Atcha" on Armory Records !!!

Well, before Armory Records did a reissue of "Back Atcha" in 2004, this was a test press only 12" released in 1995 on Angel Trax Records !!!

Ok, i bet most of you will say if this is available as a good sounding, legit reissue, why the hell should i be look out for this very hard to find test pressing !?

The answer is because of the absolutely insane b side track titled "Insane Nigga" which can only be found on this test pressing right here !!!

I remember the first time i heard "Insane Nigga" i was totally blown away and knew i had to get this freaking beast of a test pressing which was without a doubt one of the hardest records to find ever !!!

I´m not sure how many copies were pressed back in 1995, but i could bet that there can´t be more than 100 (if not less) !!!

I hope you guys enjoy the snippet and keep looking for that dope stuff !!!

Check out a sample of "Insane Nigga":


Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Wreckin' Shit !!!

Mixtape time, this time the mix i´m posting really was available as a tape and not a digital file only !!!

This Mixtape right here was my first solo Mixtape i put out ever (well, the tapes i recorded live for friends in the mid 90´s while practice don´t count, seriously) when i still was playing out on the regular and was running with my old turntablism crew Unique Techniques from 1998-2003 !!!

Some of you may know this tape from other sites, but i decided to put it on my Blog as well cause i still feel this tape years and years after i put it out and think it has to be a part of my Blog as well !!!

For those of you who don´t know this one, i hope you enjoy the listen and please feel free to drop a comment !!!

Check out Bibow "Wreckin' Shit" Side A right here:


Check out Bibow "Wreckin' Shit" Side B right here: