Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2007

X-Mas Special: ALPS Cru Exclusive Preview !!!

Wassup everybody ?

It´s my first X-Mas on this blog and i´m more than happy to tell you that i have a special exclusive present for you !!!

I hope ya´ll read my review about The Concept Of ALPS in June this year, because this exact group i presented in this review had a dig in their old DAT´s some weeks ago and found 2 previously unreleased tracks !!!

One track is from 1995 titled "Loudmouths" and was a B side of an Acetate only pressing of "Check Da Status" & the other one is from 1997, titled "Avalanche" and was also never officially available !!!

The good thing now is that they´re going to release 2 new 12"s with some older tracks and 1 previously unreleased track on each !!!

The first 12" will be pressed early next year and will feature the unreleased 1995 track "Loudmouths" on it !!!

Thanks to Alejan of The Concept Of ALPS i´m able to give all ya a exclusive listening preview to this track right now !!!

I hope ya´ll enjoy the track & please leave some feedback in the comment section how you like the track, even if it´s anonymous !!!

I wish ya´ll a merry X-Mas & a happy new year !!!

Check out a sample of "Loudmouths":


Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007

Wolfe D.O.M-Nation !!!

Today it´s the first time that i´m going to present you an full lenght album by a group outta Baltimore called Wolfe D.O.M-Nation !!!

Pretty unknown album because of the poor distribution it had, but this doesn´t mean that this album isn´t worth to check for !!!

This album was released in 1996 on Big Wolfe Records and is featuring 9 mad dope tracks in total titled "Get Raw", "Kamakkazzi", "Lock-N-Load", "NY To B'more", "Wayz Of The World", "Shaky Ground", "Da Stash", "Thought Chaser" & "...Get Naughty" !!!

The whole album is produced by D.O.M., Lil' Wolfe & Killah-White of Wolfe D.O.M-Nation and features some incredibly highlights like "NY To B'more" & "Shaky Ground" !!!

I´m not sure if there´s something else released by the group, this one alone wasn´t easy to come by at all !!!

Check out a sample of "NY To B'more":


Check out a sample of "Shaky Ground":


Freitag, 9. November 2007

Bronx Criminal County !!!

Heavyweight release outta the Bronx by a group called DNA !!!

This 12" contains 3 dope tracks titled "Bronx Criminal County", "My Shit Iz Tight" and the to the most people unknown but def. bomb track "2 Ounces & A Dream" !!!

The 12" dropped in 1996 on Redzone Recordings and is produced by Garth "Dread" Mitchell, D. Gray, N. Tillman & M. Marcelle !!!

ATTENTION: I´ve seen on some want lists that there are some peeps out there looking for a version of the "Bronx Criminal County" 12" thinking the 3rd track on this 12" is titled "Nowhere To Run" and not "2 Ounces & A Dream", but this is a complete misunderstanding because of another group outta NYC called DNA Disciples which released a 12" titled "Nowhere To Run" / "Agony Of Defeat" arround the same time !!!

Check out a sample of "2 Ounces & A Dream":


Montag, 1. Oktober 2007

Nodyaheadtodis !!!

While i´m on the EP tip, i´m going to post about another incredibly hot independent EP outta NYC !!!

This time it´s outta Brooklyn and titled Nodyaheadtodis Vol. 1 !!!

The EP was released in 1996 on Discreet Records and features 6 tracks from 6 different groups outta NY titled The Answering Machine "Who´s Calling?", Son A Bluntz "Don´t Snooze", Rodan "Rockabye", Darcside "Moneycide", VA "Dem Dead" & Dre Black "Better With Time" !!!

Beside "Dem Dead" all of the tracks featured on this EP are dope and for the most peeps out there it´s all about the Darcyde and Rodan appearances but trust me, the Son A Bluntz "Don´t Snooze" & the Dre Black "Better With Time" are def. the main reason to get this EP !!!

There is also a Nodyaheadtodis Vol. 2 on Discreet Records which is pretty ok, but for the most peeps it´s all about Vol. 1 !!!

Check out a sample of Son A Bluntz "Don´t Snooze":


Check out a sample of "Dre Black "Better With Time":


Sonntag, 9. September 2007

The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins !!!

This month i´m presenting you an N Y underground monster EP outta the Bronx titled The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins Vol. 1 !!!

This EP right here is featuring 4 dope tracks by 4 different Artists titled Props "Props (Bring It On)", Pashun 'n' Da Loonatik "Lyrical High", 3rd Degree "Many Styles" & B Supa
"Destined" !!!

All 4 tracks are hot as hell but Props "Props (Bring It On)" is def. the winner !!!

This record was released in 1995 on Skunk Entertainment and all tracks are produced by E-Man for Skunk Entertainment !!!

Very dope EP and def. one of the nicest Independent Hip Hop releases of the 90´s !!!

Check out a sample of Props "Props (Bring It On)":


Mittwoch, 1. August 2007

Othorized F.A.M. !!!

In this post i´m going to show you some heavy stuff outta New York from a group called Othorized F.A.M. !!!

This 12" titled "Pictures Of Life" dropped in 1995 on Redd Life Records and is produced by no other than Othorized F.A.M. !!!

There are 3 tracks in total on this 12" and all 3 are pretty dope !!!

The tracks / titles on this 12" are "Pictures Of Life", "The Plan" & "Flambouyant" !!!

Othorized F.A.M. dropped a few more records after this but to most peeps it´s all about this one !!!

Check out a sample of "Pictures Of Life":


Sonntag, 1. Juli 2007

Mytee G. Poetic !!!

Straight outta New Jersey comes this dope artist who goes by the name of Mytee G. Poetic !!!

This one right here is his debut 12" titled "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" from 1994 on Straight G'n Records which is produced by Na'fis Majid & Kool Ass Pat for Brand X Production and is featuring 2 pretty dope tracks titled "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" & "Listen To The Lyrics" !!!

Mytee G. Poetic released another 12" 2 years later titled "Discovery Zone" which doesn´t hit my taste that much anymore !!!

Anyway, the "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" 12" is def. a nice piece of plastic which is always worth to look out for !!!

ATTENTION: There are 2 different versions of the "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" 12" floating around which have different tracks on the B side (one with "Listen To The Lyrics" & one with "Brick City Blue´z") so if you´re looking for the one with "Listen To The Lyrics" on it you have to make sure that the version you´re buying is not the promo version which does have an Acapella of "Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness" on it as well which isn´t featured on the one with "Listen To The Lyrics" !!!

Check out a sample of "Listen To The Lyrics":


Montag, 18. Juni 2007

The Concept Of ALPS !!!

One of my favourite unknown groups in Hip Hop goes by the name of ALPS Cru !!!

This group is so highly selpt on that it hurts !!!

ALPS Cru comes straight outta St. Louis and consists of the members Dj Al Bass, P Smooth & Rob III !!!

It took quiet some time to find any of their material on wax which is without a doubt because they only pressed up very small quantities of their music on wax and it looks like that most people keep it cause they never pop up for sale !!!

The Concept Of ALPS released 3 records in the mid 90´s and all of them are pure fire:

"Pitstop" (1994)

"Intensity" (1995)

"Just Can´t Explain" (1996)

This one right here is their 2nd one titled "Intensity", released in 1995 on Blue Concept Records and contains 3 dope tracks titled "Intensity", "Nocturnal Illusions" & "No Question" !!!

All tracks are produced by Dj Al Bass !!!

Check out a sample of "Intensity":


Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2007

Concrete Click !!!

This crew straight outta Boston goes by the name of Concrete Click !!!

This is the Concrete Click debut 12" from 1995 on Lifeline Records titled "Keep It Street" !!!

The 12" is produced by Dialek for Madskillz Organization and is featuring 2 very dope tracks titled "Keep It Street" & "Naive To The Facts" !!!

Concrete Click released 2 records in all titled:

"Keep It Street" (1995)

"Lyrical Terrorism" (1995)

Both releases are worth checkin' for so keep your eyes open !!!

Check out a sample of "Keep It Street":


Dienstag, 24. April 2007

Perverted Rym Throwwa !!!

Great MC outta NY goes by the name of Perverted Rym Throwwa !!!

Perverted Rym Throwwa only released 3 tracks ever and all 3 tracks can be found on this 12" !!!

The track names are "Dime Piece", "Mcee´s Ain´t Sayin' Nuthin'" & "Can We Get It On" !!!

I like "Mcee´s Ain´t Sayin' Nuthin'" most, but "Can We Get It On" is also a burner !!!

The 12" was released in 1996 on Whiteowl Entertainment and is produced by Whiteowl !!!

Check out a sample of "Mcee´s Ain´t Sayin' Nuthin'":


Montag, 19. März 2007

I Write The Diary Of A Mad M.C. !!!

Another highly slept on Artist out of NY goes by the name of Blackstract !!!

Blackstract released 3 dope 12"s on Stickman Entertainment:

"I Stole Your Girl" (1994)

"Diary Of A Mad M.C." (1995)

"BKNY" (1996)

This is their 2nd 12" titled "Diary Of A Mad M.C.", contains the tracks "Diary Of A Mad M.C.", "Diary Of A Mad M.C. RMX" & "A New Nightmare" (which are all killer) !!!

All tracks are produced by Saran Rap !!!

Check out a sample of "Diary Of A Mad M.C.":


Montag, 5. März 2007

Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor !!!

Highly slept on debut release by Foundation & Rezidue on Database Productions from 1996 !!!

Many of you will know Rezidue from the classic Dj Premier New York Reality Check 101 mixtape which had a big impact on the mid 1990s independent Hip Hop scene !!!

If you like the Dj Premier mix and the tracks featured on (which shouldn´t really be that hard if you like that typical 90s boom bap stuff) you def. have to check out both of Rezidue records he put out on Database Productions:

"Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor" (1996)

"Droppin' Rezidue" (1997)

This is the "Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor" 12", contains the tracks / titles "Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor" & "Don´t Get It Twisted" and is produced by Rezidue himself !!!

Check out a sample of "Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor":


Samstag, 24. Februar 2007

Microphone Terrorists !!!

Another highly slept on Artsist goes by the name of Microphone Terrorists !!!

The Microphone Terrorists released 2 dope 12"s titled:

"Green Paper" (1995)

"No Food" (1996)

This is the "No Food" 12" released on Terrorist Entertainment, contains the tracks "No Food " + "Hall Of Fame" and is produced by Randy Ousley A.K.A. Butta Fingaz !!!

Check out a sample of "No Food":


Dienstag, 6. Februar 2007

Shiesty Mutherf#ckers !!!

VERY NICE release by J-Live himself because of Payday / FFRR didn´t released his long awaited debut album in the summer of 1997 !!!

I think i don´t have to say too much about J-Live himself because most of you cats out there know this guy and his classic work, but you might don´t know about this 12" he dropped on his own !!!

This 12" titled "Shiesty" was released in 1997 and is def. a special release from J-Live which is totally different to his other work !!!

Check out a sample of "Shiesty":


Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2007

Hit 'Em Up With Somethin' New !!!

This record right here introduced another group outta NYC called Natural Elements to the world !!!

This EP was released in 1994 on Fortress Records and contains 6 tracks from the Natural Elements crew memberes Mister Voodoo, L-Swift, G. Blass, KA, The Intimidator & Charlemagne titled "Cock It Back", "Live The Life", "Step To The Side", "I Mean This", "69 Caddy" & "Set It Off" !!!

Natural Elements dropped a few other records after this but i only recommend to check out the earlier solo stuff on Fortress Records they put out after this debut like:

Mister Voodoo "Come Off Hard" (1994)

L-Swift "How It´z Goin' Down" (1995)

Mister Voodoo "Lyrical Tactics" (1996)

They´re all produced by Charlemagne (like this one) and are def. worth checking for !!!

Check out a sample of Natural Elements "Step To The Side":


Check out a sample of KA "I Mean This":


Dienstag, 30. Januar 2007

Smoked Out Productions !!!

The first record in my Blog is from a group outta NYC called S.O.P. which is featuring 2 members you may know under their solo names Black Attack & Problemz !!!

This 12" was released in 1995 on Smoked Out Music and is featuring 2 very dope and definitely essential to own tracks titled "Styles" & "Bok Bok" !!!

Smoked Out Productions released 2 records together in total:

"Back Up Kid" (1994)

"Styles" (1995)

Both records are produced by Smoked Out Productions !!!

Check out a sample of "Styles":