Samstag, 19. April 2008


Aight, as already mentioned in my X-Mas special last year about the incredible ALPS Cru is going to press a new limited 12" of previously unreleased material from the Mid 90´s, i can proudly say now that it´s already been pressed and available for order !!!

This 12" is strictly limited to 300 copies, comes in a stickered sleeve and is featuring the unbelievable dope track "Loudmouths" (which was recorded in 1995 but sadly was never been pressed on wax (only one Acetat exist)) in 3 versions as well as the tracks "The Concept" (from their very rare to 100 copies limited 1994 debut EP "Unknown"), the also previously unreleased Instrumental to "The Concept" and the track "No Question" (from their rare to 300 copies limited 1995 "Intensity" 12") !!!

If you didn´t already ordered your copy by now make sure you go to

and order your copy as fast as you can cause i don´t think these 300 copies will last for long !!!

Here is the track listing for both sides:

Side A

"Loudmouths" (Clean Version)

"Loudmouths" (Dirty Version)

"Loudmouths" (Instrumental Version)

Side B

"The Concept" (Dirty Version)

"The Concept" (Instrumental Version)

"No Question" (Dirty Version)

Peace & One Love,

Bibow (TNR)