Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Aiello Wilson !!!

Sterling (official) debut 12" by none else but North Bronx Alliance very own Aiello Wilson outta the Bronx NYC !!!

As part of the North Bronx Alliance, Aiello recorded another 12" before this record right here which was (sadly) only available as a Test Pressing and
got reviewed on my Blog over 2 1/2 years ago already (if you like to check out as well) !!!

Nevertheless the North Bronx Alliance 12" got shelved, Aiello managed to drop this absolutely dope official debut 12" right here titled "Black Soil" on Chase Records in 1997 (which is featuring the North Bronx Alliance and was produced by Rob Dinero too btw) and pressed up a small batch of 300 copies !!!

Like i mentioned in the North Bronx Alliance post already, Aiello became pretty close beeing signed with Rawkus Records back in 1997, but sadly this never happened !!!

Last thing i heard from Aiello is that he´s trying to press up some wax of the previously unreleased demos Stretch & Bobbito played back in the 90s !!!

Hope you dig what you hear and keep looking for that dope stuff !!!

Check out a sample of "Black Soil":


Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Reckanize & Mr. Sta Puff !!!

Incredibly dope debut release by Reckanize & Mr. Sta Puff outta Brooklyn NYC !!!

Not much info about those guys beside that they released this incredible 12" titled "Hip Hop Don´t Stop" in 1996 on Bedroom Beats which is produced by 7th Sunn, G-Clef & Pedro Sime !!!

2 dope joints on this one right here titled "Hip Hop Don´t Stop" & "Massive Weight" which is featuring BAC, Strippoker & Tequila !!!

Check out a sample of "Hip Hop Don´t Stop":