Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

Trybal-Men !!!

Next round with an incredible highly slept on release outta Queens NYC by a group called Trybal-Men !!!

This shit is really Top Notch, they put out 2 records including 4 tracks in total and each track they put out is a winner !!!

The first appearance by Trybal-Men was on a split artist EP titled "Survival Series 11355" and got followed directly by this dope 12" right here titled "Down Like That" !!!

While the main title "Down Like That" was already featured on the dope "Survival Series 11355" EP, the flip side of this 12" right here titled "Greenary" is what you´re looking for, trust me !!!

The 12" was released in 1996 on Mr. Eggs Records, produced by B.G. Skillz for Paul Sea Productions & Sur and is featuring 2 amazingly dope tracks in total titled "Down Like That" & "Greenary" !!!

This 12" right here seems to be a bit more tricky to get your hands on within the last 2 years, so if you get your chance to grab one you better do it while you can !!!

Check out a sample of "Greenary":