Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Da Minds Of Sol !!!

Incredibly dope independent rap shit outta Philly by a group called Da Minds Of Sol !!!

Pretty tough to come by and even after finding Haak Filmore it doesn´t seemed to be easier as he wanted some serious cash for his last spares too !!!

The first time i heard this 12" right here was in the winter months and it had that dark, melancolic vibe to it which is some kind of unique with Da Minds Of Sol production style !!!

Also, "From The Forthcoming Album Suffa Da Consequenses" written on the labels as well as Black Thought of The Roots backing up the vocals caused some serious discussions to the underground vinyl community !!!

Does this album really exist on vinyl ?

Is this a demo cassette only release ?

After Da Minds Of Sol were located and it was clear that "Suffa Da Consequences" was never released on any format it was clear that this needs to be done in any way possible !!!

Hope was there when youtube videos popped up with Da Minds Of Sol talking about their group, the unreleased Album and Haak Filmore put up some photos of Da Minds Of Sol Anniversary Edition T-Shirts via his Myspace page...but still, nothing happened (yet) !!!

Anyway, this 12" right here released in 1997 on 5th Dinasty Records, produced by Ill Prodc with the titles "Blinded By Da Light" & "Holocaust Pt. II" is the only official release they put out (if you don´t count their youtube upload of "Guaranteed Raw" as a release) !!!

Pure dopeness all the way through if you ask me and a real bitch to find !!!

Check out a sample of "Blinded By Da Light":