Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

X-Mas Special: TNP Sons Of Sam Exclusive !!!

Wassup ya´ll ?

Another year past by and it´s time for another X-Mas special on my Blog !!!

While the last 2 years X-Mas specials were all about the inigmatic ALPS Cru and had something to do with a special vinyl project beeing pressed up and some background information on the ALPS Cru i´m more than happy to hook you up with another exclusive X-Mas special this year !!!

This time we have an exclusive, previously unreleased track by the infamous Sons Of Sam packed in another Top-Notch-Production mix !!!

When i started this Blog around 3 years ago i never imagined that it would make such an impact on the vinyl scene !!!

Many artist contacted me over the past 3 years and i´m more than proud to say that this Blog right here was leading to 4 absolutely dope pieces of vinyl beeing pressed up now which otherwise may would have never seen the light of the day !!!

So it happened some time ago that Raph aka The Xav of the Sons Of Sam contacted me through my Blog and we talked a bit about the dope music they made and it turned out that they recorded a whole album back then which is as unbelievably dope as the incredible "Oooh He Got An Afro" / "Charisma" 12" they put out in 1993 !!!

After i had the chance to listen to some of those previously unreleased Sons Of Sam gems i straight up managed to get this shit pressed up by Vinyl Addicts who made 2 pretty dope limited releases earlier and were as amazed as me about that Sons Of Sam material Raph had in his vaults !!!

While Vinyl Addicts pressed a whole EP and a very limited 7" up Raph still had enough dope material left to let me take another track of this previously unreleased material to use it exclusivly in a mix for my this year X-Mas special !!!

The track is titled "Technique" and was recorded around 1993 !!!

I hope ya´ll enjoy the listen of this mix with this Sons Of Sam exclusive and leave some feedback in the comment section about it !!!

I wish ya´ll a merry X-Mas & a happy new year !!!

Check out Top-Notch-Production (Bibow aka The Unique Technician) "Transmittin' Straight From The X-Mas Night" right here:


Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Tha Lowa !!!

Here we´ve got some rough & rugged typa shit from the lower east side NY by a group which goes by the name of Tha Lowa !!!

If you like the Henchmen EP from 1994 and are fiending for that one (like many cats out there) then this EP right here is something you really need to check out too cause that stuff comes on a similar vibe but is a notch better than the Henchmen EP (well, at least in my opinion) !!!

We have some really heavy production right here with that typical early to mid 90´s horns over some hard hittin drum pattern which are perfectly rounded up with some tight spitted & ruff sounding lyrics rolled over those heavy beats like a diesel truck (in other words: IT CAN´T GET BETTER THAN THIS) !!!

The EP was released in 1994 on Massacres Production, produced by EZ-M for Tha Lowa East Sounds and is featuring 6 absolutely dope tracks titled "Hard 2 Get", "Hard 2 Get RMX", "Don´t Crossover", "L.E.S.", "Never Give Up RMX" & "Never Give Up" !!!

This EP right here is (to my knowledge) the only release Tha Lowa put out together !!!

Check out a sample of "Never Give Up":


Check out a sample of "Don´t Crossover":


Check out a sample of "Hard 2 Get RMX":