Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2009

X-Mas Special: TNP Sons Of Sam Exclusive !!!

Wassup ya´ll ?

Another year past by and it´s time for another X-Mas special on my Blog !!!

While the last 2 years X-Mas specials were all about the inigmatic ALPS Cru and had something to do with a special vinyl project beeing pressed up and some background information on the ALPS Cru i´m more than happy to hook you up with another exclusive X-Mas special this year !!!

This time we have an exclusive, previously unreleased track by the infamous Sons Of Sam packed in another Top-Notch-Production mix !!!

When i started this Blog around 3 years ago i never imagined that it would make such an impact on the vinyl scene !!!

Many artist contacted me over the past 3 years and i´m more than proud to say that this Blog right here was leading to 4 absolutely dope pieces of vinyl beeing pressed up now which otherwise may would have never seen the light of the day !!!

So it happened some time ago that Raph aka The Xav of the Sons Of Sam contacted me through my Blog and we talked a bit about the dope music they made and it turned out that they recorded a whole album back then which is as unbelievably dope as the incredible "Oooh He Got An Afro" / "Charisma" 12" they put out in 1993 !!!

After i had the chance to listen to some of those previously unreleased Sons Of Sam gems i straight up managed to get this shit pressed up by Vinyl Addicts who made 2 pretty dope limited releases earlier and were as amazed as me about that Sons Of Sam material Raph had in his vaults !!!

While Vinyl Addicts pressed a whole EP and a very limited 7" up Raph still had enough dope material left to let me take another track of this previously unreleased material to use it exclusivly in a mix for my this year X-Mas special !!!

The track is titled "Technique" and was recorded around 1993 !!!

I hope ya´ll enjoy the listen of this mix with this Sons Of Sam exclusive and leave some feedback in the comment section about it !!!

I wish ya´ll a merry X-Mas & a happy new year !!!

Check out Top-Notch-Production (Bibow aka The Unique Technician) "Transmittin' Straight From The X-Mas Night" right here:



patrock hat gesagt…

peace bibow,

i always wanted to drop some comments on your blog for a long time, but i never did and finally now is the time to leave some feedback for your work, you really deserve it, because you have one of the best hip hop blogs around and you showed me a few dope wax i didn’t know about, giving us infos, dropping dope mixes and you made it possible that we all can enjoy some previously unreleased material. it’s definitely a historical moment for the hip hop world that these tunes come out of the dusty dark and see the light of day and get their shine now. of course we also have to thank the vinyl addicts crew, alejan & raph!
i really love the sons of sam tunes (i hope to get a copy of the “oooh he got an afro / charisma” 12” soon) and the "technique" joint is really dope! i love the production: dark, raw and that heavy bassline is sick! dope mix as usual and nice selection of tracks (you always got the crème de la crème). thank you and raph for this christmas present! i wish you, your girl and family merry christmas and a happy new year!



top-notch-records hat gesagt…

Thanks for the nice feedback Patrick !!!
I hope that i can continue the work constantly and that this Blog will may lead to a few more dope vinyl releases for the real heads and supporters of the underground Hip Hop scene !!!
Peace & One Love,
Bibow (TNR)

verge hat gesagt…

Word, thanks for the mix and the Sons Of Sam track.
Getting previously unreleased music
pressed up is always an admirable accomplishment.

SWERVEONEDA hat gesagt…

Big Up Top Notch Productions for puttin' out yet another straight up banga' Keep up the good work kid Peace from Rhode Isle. Swerverock.

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

Thanks for the kind words Verge & Swerve !!!