Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Tha Lowa !!!

Here we´ve got some rough & rugged typa shit from the lower east side NY by a group which goes by the name of Tha Lowa !!!

If you like the Henchmen EP from 1994 and are fiending for that one (like many cats out there) then this EP right here is something you really need to check out too cause that stuff comes on a similar vibe but is a notch better than the Henchmen EP (well, at least in my opinion) !!!

We have some really heavy production right here with that typical early to mid 90´s horns over some hard hittin drum pattern which are perfectly rounded up with some tight spitted & ruff sounding lyrics rolled over those heavy beats like a diesel truck (in other words: IT CAN´T GET BETTER THAN THIS) !!!

The EP was released in 1994 on Massacres Production, produced by EZ-M for Tha Lowa East Sounds and is featuring 6 absolutely dope tracks titled "Hard 2 Get", "Hard 2 Get RMX", "Don´t Crossover", "L.E.S.", "Never Give Up RMX" & "Never Give Up" !!!

This EP right here is (to my knowledge) the only release Tha Lowa put out together !!!

Check out a sample of "Never Give Up":


Check out a sample of "Don´t Crossover":


Check out a sample of "Hard 2 Get RMX":



Anonym hat gesagt…

Much props for putting this up and my boys for the work on this. Production by EZ-Eddie Matos of Mateo & Matos Fame. (Dear friend and one of the dopest house producers I've ever known.)

Lyrics provided by some of the hardest writers from the Lower East Side of NY. Terra Devil aka Terra God, Da-Uzi, & Durty Rob.

The remixes were done by myself, The Mad Man Scheme* aka The Scheme Almighty. If you have any questions about this project feel free to drop me a line maybe I can lend some insight on how this record was put together.

Once again thanks for putting this up and acknowledging this effort.

Nice to know the Underground still lives with true appreciators!

-Scheme Almighty

Anonym hat gesagt…

Props. Still need this record in my collection! Peace to Scheme and the additional info. Did you guys put out any other releases?

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

Yo SchemeAlmighty i just dropped you a mail !!!

Good Times Radio hat gesagt…

Sorry for the delay man, yes there are other records and recordings but they were never released due to sample clearances and other issues.
The records are in storage and may see a release for the very first time in almost 20 years. Peace!