Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Reckanize & Mr. Sta Puff !!!

Incredibly dope debut release by Reckanize & Mr. Sta Puff outta Brooklyn NYC !!!

Not much info about those guys beside that they released this incredible 12" titled "Hip Hop Don´t Stop" in 1996 on Bedroom Beats which is produced by 7th Sunn, G-Clef & Pedro Sime !!!

2 dope joints on this one right here titled "Hip Hop Don´t Stop" & "Massive Weight" which is featuring BAC, Strippoker & Tequila !!!

Check out a sample of "Hip Hop Don´t Stop":


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Hightower hat gesagt…

Yeeeeah Bibow!
This is a awesome record...

IMO a jewel.