Samstag, 1. November 2008

North Bronx Alliance !!!

Mad test press only 12" release from a group called North Bronx Alliance outta the Bronx NYC !!!

This record was supposed to drop on a NYC independent label called Database Productions (the same label who put out the dope Rezidue 12"s) but sadly only the test pressings were made (don´t know exactly how many copies were pressed but there can´t be many) !!!

The 12" was pressed up in 1997, produced by Rob Dinero and is featuring 2 dope tracks titled "NBA Live '97" & "Black Caesar" (which are both very dope) !!!

North Bronx Alliance never put out a own record but are featured on the very dope North Bronx Alliance group member Aiello Wilson debut 12" titled "Black Soil" (which was released on Chase Dinero Records in the same year) !!!

I was able to talk with Aiello Wilson about the North Bronx Alliance and the music they made and he confirmed me that this test pressing right here was recorded and supposed to drop before "Black Soil" but got shelved because of Aiello Wilsons solo demos which got some bigger attention and some air play at Stretch & Bobbitos radio show !!!

Aiello was also pretty close to get his material out on Rawkus Records but sadly that deal never happened !!!

Anyway, this test pressing right here is an absolute jewel for any crates out there so you better keep your eyes open cause there may only will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your hands on a real Bronx raer like this !!!

Check out a sample of "Black Caesar":



Anonym hat gesagt…

Wow! You're letting us hear snippet samples of your records.What's the point?Does it make you feel good to know you have something other people want? Seriously,the time you took to upload the 'samples' of these vinyls,you could have uploaded the entire VLS.A blog dedicated to showing off and not sharing. The only reason you have those vinyls is because you have money.You weren't copping and supporting this shit when it was coming out!Without America,these vinyls would not exist.Start uploading,fag.

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

Hahahahaha !!!
What a great comment !!!
I only keep this comment online for one reason, to let everyone read this and laugh about it !!!
What are you trying to tell me ?
I do supporting those Artists way more with helping to bring out unreleased goodness on vinyl than you sucker with cheating on them by robbing their stuff on the internet !!!
To inform you, this record wasn´t available for sale when it came out and isn´t available now !!!
But it´s good to know that you were copping and supporting this back then cause that means you don´t need to get these tracks anymore ;)
Anyway, your anonymous post only shows what a fag you are not standing behind your comments !!!

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

As a generell rule Anonymous Comments are no longer allowed on my Blog from now on !!!