Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2007

X-Mas Special: ALPS Cru Exclusive Preview !!!

Wassup everybody ?

It´s my first X-Mas on this blog and i´m more than happy to tell you that i have a special exclusive present for you !!!

I hope ya´ll read my review about The Concept Of ALPS in June this year, because this exact group i presented in this review had a dig in their old DAT´s some weeks ago and found 2 previously unreleased tracks !!!

One track is from 1995 titled "Loudmouths" and was a B side of an Acetate only pressing of "Check Da Status" & the other one is from 1997, titled "Avalanche" and was also never officially available !!!

The good thing now is that they´re going to release 2 new 12"s with some older tracks and 1 previously unreleased track on each !!!

The first 12" will be pressed early next year and will feature the unreleased 1995 track "Loudmouths" on it !!!

Thanks to Alejan of The Concept Of ALPS i´m able to give all ya a exclusive listening preview to this track right now !!!

I hope ya´ll enjoy the track & please leave some feedback in the comment section how you like the track, even if it´s anonymous !!!

I wish ya´ll a merry X-Mas & a happy new year !!!

Check out a sample of "Loudmouths":



Anonym hat gesagt…

Dope song man, togheter with intensity the best they have.
Can't wait for the release on vinyl!

Greetz Shujahre

Anonym hat gesagt…

sounds dope
it's definetly copped when it's coming out.
frohe weihnachten


Stylus hat gesagt…

wow, best christmas present you can wish for! truly impressed by the Alps Cru stuff and will get that on vinyl, no doubt!

Anonym hat gesagt…



Anonym hat gesagt…

Very dope track! Feeling that vibe a lot! Cant wait to get it on record. Thanx for the rip & merry christmas to you too!

peace fleyva

Diaz hat gesagt…

Great post man.. love alps cru let me know if you ever have any 12" of theirs that you'd trade... i already have concept of the alps ep...
Peace and merry christmas

Alejan hat gesagt…

Glad to see that headz are feeling this joint. I guess P da Wicked was right when he said in 1995;"maybe a little a head of my time I'll be hittin' in '99", okay so add a few more years to it. Big ups Bibow.

lordquaz hat gesagt…

This track is HOT!!!
Glad to heard that, i hope that record will be drop soon.
Thanks a lot for this joint. this crew made some smash hit... it's just another one!!
peace 2 alejan and 2 U TNR.

it's too late to say merry christmas, so Happy new year in advance.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Does the track "Nocturnal Illusions" will be present on one of two 12 "?

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

The first 12" is already mastered and in the pressing process, no "Nocturnal Illusions" on this one !!!
But never say never, there will be a 2nd 12" in the future !!!
Peace !!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for info, other tracks are also really dope!!!
Have you the final tracklisting of the first 12"???

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

A bit late i guess, but if you still want to know check discogs ;)
Peace & One Love,
Bibow (TNR)