Montag, 5. März 2007

Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor !!!

Highly slept on debut release by Foundation & Rezidue on Database Productions from 1996 !!!

Many of you will know Rezidue from the classic Dj Premier New York Reality Check 101 mixtape which had a big impact on the mid 1990s independent Hip Hop scene !!!

If you like the Dj Premier mix and the tracks featured on (which shouldn´t really be that hard if you like that typical 90s boom bap stuff) you def. have to check out both of Rezidue records he put out on Database Productions:

"Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor" (1996)

"Droppin' Rezidue" (1997)

This is the "Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor" 12", contains the tracks / titles "Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor" & "Don´t Get It Twisted" and is produced by Rezidue himself !!!

Check out a sample of "Boogie Down´s Got The Flavor":



serch4beatz hat gesagt…

ah yes one of my favs in my collection..paid to goddamn much but it was worth it :D
lucky me i scored a inner city blues for 50bucks

MirkoMachine hat gesagt…

=) i find a 3rd copy for €4,50 and i bought my doubles when the record came out.

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

You´re both right, essential to own ;)