Montag, 18. Juni 2007

The Concept Of ALPS !!!

One of my favourite unknown groups in Hip Hop goes by the name of ALPS Cru !!!

This group is so highly selpt on that it hurts !!!

ALPS Cru comes straight outta St. Louis and consists of the members Dj Al Bass, P Smooth & Rob III !!!

It took quiet some time to find any of their material on wax which is without a doubt because they only pressed up very small quantities of their music on wax and it looks like that most people keep it cause they never pop up for sale !!!

The Concept Of ALPS released 3 records in the mid 90´s and all of them are pure fire:

"Pitstop" (1994)

"Intensity" (1995)

"Just Can´t Explain" (1996)

This one right here is their 2nd one titled "Intensity", released in 1995 on Blue Concept Records and contains 3 dope tracks titled "Intensity", "Nocturnal Illusions" & "No Question" !!!

All tracks are produced by Dj Al Bass !!!

Check out a sample of "Intensity":



Anonym hat gesagt…

its be better that u put full song coz dats sucks when u heard nice track and cant have it

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

but i will not change my mind on this !!!

Natalie hat gesagt…


whats on the B-side of the record?

the same tracks but Instrumental versions? :)

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

got the instrumentals for all 3 tracks on the flipside !!!

N hat gesagt…

thanks for the reply man, dope blog idea :)

btw, are the track durations on the b-side the same as the ones on A ? :)

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

Glad you like the Blog !!!
And yes, same track durations !!!

vnzvnt hat gesagt…

can we do the deal for this full single? I have a lot of 12inches and I think u need some 12inches from me write p.s maybe u use soulseek?

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

Sorry, but i wont send any tracks !!!
If you´ve got some dope 12"s and feel like sharing the whole records away please start your own Blog !!!
And no, i´m not using soulssek or any other filesharing programm, i´m into buying records !!!