Mittwoch, 31. Januar 2007

Hit 'Em Up With Somethin' New !!!

This record right here introduced another group outta NYC called Natural Elements to the world !!!

This EP was released in 1994 on Fortress Records and contains 6 tracks from the Natural Elements crew memberes Mister Voodoo, L-Swift, G. Blass, KA, The Intimidator & Charlemagne titled "Cock It Back", "Live The Life", "Step To The Side", "I Mean This", "69 Caddy" & "Set It Off" !!!

Natural Elements dropped a few other records after this but i only recommend to check out the earlier solo stuff on Fortress Records they put out after this debut like:

Mister Voodoo "Come Off Hard" (1994)

L-Swift "How It´z Goin' Down" (1995)

Mister Voodoo "Lyrical Tactics" (1996)

They´re all produced by Charlemagne (like this one) and are def. worth checking for !!!

Check out a sample of Natural Elements "Step To The Side":


Check out a sample of KA "I Mean This":


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