Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Mr Ruckuz !!!

Mad nice solo debut EP from Baltimores very own Mr Ruckuz !!!

There aren´t many rap records out there which were released in 1998 or later that are straight up my alley, but this one right here is one big exception !!!

If you´re a true 90s head, you get everything you wanna hear, Jay Funk Productions at it´s best, Mr Ruckuz spittin verses at his best and last but not least some nice chrous scratching with some of your favourites lines !!!

There are 6 tracks on this EP titled "The Resurrection", "Chump Change", "Underground Anthem", "Senselezz Murderz", "She Was 19" & "Hung Jury" !!!

I could tell you a lot about how dope this record is, but to cut a long story short, this solo debut EP by Mr Ruckus titled "The Verdict", released on Madd Versatile Records in 1998 is the shit that you need to get !!!

Not an easy find, but def. worth it !!!

Check out a sample of "Senselzz Murderz":


Check out a sample of "Underground Anthem":



answersyt hat gesagt…

Debut? He has released two 12'' under the Syco & Madd Syco names before this one!!!! This is his 3rd release

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