Montag, 24. März 2008

Ware Da Son Don´t Shyne !!!

Back up once again with another slept on gem outta Baltimore by a group called S.C.U. !!!

his 12" right here is another good example of what kind of dope Hip Hop stuff was put out on wax in Baltimore (before the internet took over and made promoting things more easy), but sadly never reached out to us because of the poor distribution / promotion abilities back then (maybe it even never reached outta the Baltimore city limits though) !!!

But anyway, i think now it´s time this dope record gets more attention by us vinyl heads and S.C.U. finally gets the props they deserve !!!

The 12" is titled "Ware Da Son Don´t Shyne", was released in 1996 on Mad Skunk Records, produced by J-Funk for Funkie Ave. Productions and features the titles "Ware Da Son Don´t Shyne", "Murder 1" & "123..." !!!

Check out a sample of "123...":



Diaz hat gesagt…

One of my favorite records... nice review, didn't know it was so hard to come by.

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

It´s something you won´t find often even if you live in NY and go out diggin' every day !!!