Samstag, 6. September 2008

Droopy Eye Crew !!!

Mad dope release by a group called Droopey Eye Crew !!!

This group sadly didn´t released that much stuff on wax, but everything they pressed up is just bananas !!!

This one right here is their 2nd release (to my knowledge) on wax titled "One Life To Live" and is a great addition to the crates !!!

The record features 4 tracks in total which makes it more like an EP than a 12" and it´s def. a nice follow up to their a bit more known debut 12" release titled "Broke Willeez" !!!

The tracks featured on the EP are "One Life To Live", "Most Deadliest Of All Games", "You Know My Steez" & "Anybody" !!!

This EP was released on Smokehouse Productions Inc. somewhere around 1996 i think (not sure which year exactly) and all tracks were produced by Smokehouse Productions Inc. as well !!!

Check out a sample of "One Life To Live":



abrotherwithsoul hat gesagt…

Hey B.,
This is a dope EP! The 4 tracks are much harder and darker than the "Broke Willeez / Strictly For Live Men" 12". I think the EP was released in '96 and the 12" in '97. So the EP was DEC's first release.
Keep rockin!

top-notch-records hat gesagt…

You´re sure about this ?
I always thought that the EP is their 2nd release because of the catalog number SHP002, but after checking the Broke Willeez 12" i realised that the catalog number of this is SMOKEHOUSE002 !!!
A bit confusing, but both records are nice to have anyway !!!
Now i wonder if there´s a SHP001 or a SMOKEHOUSE001 out there !!!
Bibow (TNR)