Samstag, 3. April 2010

Underground Flow !!!

What we have right here is a mad nice 12" outta the Bronx NYC by Cover (The Child Of Destruction) !!!

Even if this one had a lot of shine on mixtapes back in the day, it´s still a record the mass wasn´t able to get cause there (sadly) never was a full album by cover on a bigger label !!!

Cover had a few more 12"s out, but to me it´s all about this bangin' debut 12" titled "Underground Flow" !!!

The 12" was released in 1995 on Embassy Records, produced & featured by Michelo for Sound Piers Production & is featuring 2 absolutely dope tracks in total titled "Underground Flow" & "Underground Flow RMX" !!!

While the main cut "Underground Flow" is a bit more rough than the "Underground Flow RMX" on the flip side, the "Underground Flow RMX" is still a notch better than the regular version in my opinion (which doesn´t mean that the regular version isn´t good) !!!

Anyway, i consider this one as a must have for any certified 90´s underground Hip Hop vinyl fiend and if you haven´t copped a copy of that one already you better do it now !!!

Check out a sample of "Underground Flow RMX":


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